The Sønderborg office

New HQ front

Our Sønderborg office is placed at the harbour front in Sønderborg, opposite to Alsion. In this new 4.752 m2 building we are tenants together with EY, Rambøll and the BMC foundation.

Our office is a part of Frank Gehry's ambitious master plan for transforming the harbour into a vibrant community. This building was the second project in this area of the harbour.

The premises is designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects and it is an interesting and an unique six floor building covered by copper coloured plating. A. Enggaard A/S is the investor and entrepreneur.

We enjoy our beautiful offices and surroundings at the harbour. The building provides us with a good physical working environment and the offices support our needs and our dynamic way of working.

The office includes single offices, open office landscapes, modern meeting facilities, areas for inspiration and non-formal talk between colleagues, a roof top terrace and a joined reception and canteen for the four tenants. Hansen Technologies offices are located on the ground floor, 1st,  2nd floor and 3rd floor.

 View from top of building

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to do business in an environmental sustainable way and moving into our new building in 2013 was an important step in this direction. Our office is a low energy building that fulfills the standards required for low energy office buildings according to the Danish regulations class 2015 (BR10). The building has many new features to save energy e.g. the cooling system in the hosting centre, intelligent light control, intelligent heating and climate systems e.g. solar cells.