Our values are an integrated part of the way we work. The four keywords define the way we work together internally as well as externally with customers. Besides the professional qualifications we also expect our employees to have the right attitude towards quality, customers and colleagues.

Responsibility: "Deliver in the agreed form in the agreed time"

We simply want to do our best! We see responsibility as a basic element in all our deliveries and by definition we deliver in the agreed form in the agreed time. This is achieved by offering a reliable product - naviBilling - delivered by experienced employees while maintaining a high level of profitability.

Customer Focus: "Customer satisfaction is our path to success"

We want to understand the business of our customer in order to be a present and reliable partner. At the same time we are focusing on resource optimisation and challenging our high standards of performance, efficiency, quality and financials.

Dialogue: "We will be proactive through dialogue"

Through dialogue we want to pass on the information having value to our customers and colleagues in order to meet common expectations. Dialogue and feedback are key elements in our communication. Through dialogue we will understand the business of our customer and thereby create the optimal solution, in order to be a present and reliable partner.

Commitment: "We achieve the best results through committed employees"

We aim to be an attractive company where it is allowed to challenge each other in order to strengthen the competences. We are serious and committed in the way we work and see humour as a natural element.