Anca-Liana GizaALG torso 2014

32 years old
Worked at Hansen Technologies since 2008
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Works as a Billing Consultant

Adapting to Denmark and Hansen Technologies was easy

I studied Computer Science within the "Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" in Suceava, Romania and did my master thesis in Hansen Technologies. After finishing my education I moved to Denmark and started working at Hansen Technologies as a software developer. The colleagues here made me feel like I brought my friends and colleagues from my University in Romania. It was easy to move to Denmark and to adapt to the new country because it is both peaceful and organized.

Introducing Scrum and agile methods

I work in the Product Development department, but I have also worked in some customer customization teams. The main challenge of being in Product Development is keeping up with new technologies and defining the "standard functionality". Our team was the first working with scrum, and it has been an effective strategy from the beginning, and we are getting the process better and better.

We improve quality

I love working in Hansen Technologies because it feels like I am with friends every day. I feel respected by my bosses, my colleagues care and we help each other in our daily work. It is very rewarding working with our customers, and knowing your code is actually working in a production system. By working on our standard product we deliver improved quality to our customers and assist our colleagues by delivering a quality start-up for customizations.

Professional colleagues and managers

I would recommend Hansen Technologies because of the friendly and caring atmosphere in the company, because of working with professional colleagues and managers, and because of the benefits and fun we have here.