Dorthe J. NielsenDorthe

44 years old
Worked at Hansen Technologies since 2000
AP Graduate in Computer Science
Works as a Project Architect

Highly skilled colleagues

In Hansen Technologies we respect each other and our individual differences, competencies and strengths. Our environment is characterized by a high level of knowledge and even though I have many years of experience I still have very competent colleagues and customers that are able to challenge me in my daily work.

Finding your own direction

Hansen Technologies in Sønderborg is a fairly small but still with a lot of possibilities and challenges. Due to our size and the high degree of flexibility and mobility it is always possible to try out new things and develop your professionally and personally competencies e.g. by working with new customers or trying out new roles and positions. So career wise you will easily find your own direction within the challenging environment of Hansen Technologies and within the field of Telecommunication. Most important you will never be bored!

To be a Project Architect

I work as Project architect in our Project Implementation Team. Here we are implementing our software solution naviBilling at telecom companies all over Europe. Throughout the whole implementation process we work very close with our customers, and that is a main driver for me in my job, since the customers have always been my favorite point of focus.

My role as a Project Architect fits my preferences and competencies very well, since the Project Manager and I are responsible for most of the customer dialogue and for finding the right solution - always within the frames of budget and contract. The big challenge is to make sure, that all expectations are cleared both externally towards the customer and internally in our project team.

Working the Scrum way

The way we are working with Scrum and agile methodologies gives us the possibility to be flexible towards the customer and have a dynamic process, where the needs can change during the implementation process. The changes in scope challenge me in my role as Project Architect, and there are never two days that are the same.

The favorite thing about using Scrum in the implementation process is that we are able to go fast forward and we never get stuck in long-term fixed plans. We are always focusing on the most relevant tasks, which makes our work much more fun and meaningful, and even more important it brings more value to our customers.

A growing company

While working in Hansen Technologies in Sønderborg I had the pleasure of being a part of the transition that we have undergone the past years. When I started we were only a few colleagues where everybody knew each other really well. Now we are more than 120 colleagues here in Sønderborg, but still it strikes me how non-formal and friendly our culture is, and how much we enjoy each other's company - both during the working day but also at different events and social activities.