Kristof KleinKKL torso 2014

36 years old
Worked at Hansen Technologies since 2007
B.Sc. in Computer Science
Works as a Software Architect

State of the art development strategies

I come from the far southwest of Germany and after finishing my studies I was looking for a challenging and exciting job in another country. My search ended with a job at Hansen Technologies. 
I'm assigned to our Project Implementation team and my job is to create solutions for our customers and implement requests as part of their projects. I'm responsible for understanding the business and needs of the customer in order to deliver a well fitted solution. The fitted solution will help the customer to improve their daily work. The work at Hansen Technologies is well structured and follows state of the art development strategies with agile development e.g. Scrum. 

Telecommunication is huge, growing and constantly changing

The main focus of Hansen Technologies is to serve companies in the telecommunication business. A business that is huge, growing and constantly changing. I'm proud to be part of a company that is able to follow these challenging processes and handle the customers' daily challenges.

But as always, work is not everything and beside the work, Hansen Technologies fits perfect to my needs and expectations. There are social arrangements like sport challenges and other fun events and during the year there are a lot of stunning surprises.

No lingual barrier

My social contact to my colleagues is healthy and fun. We know each other well and talk about current tasks but also about what we did in the weekend. Getting in touch with the colleagues and customers is easy because there is no "lingual" barrier. English is the company language and talking to the colleagues around me as well as with customers is always easy. A lot of the Danish colleagues are also able to understand and speak German.

Improving competencies

At Hansen Technologies it is always possible to improve our competencies. Hansen Technologies helps you with training and with improving your skills, so you can fulfill your daily job in a better way. I really enjoy my work.