Lars PaaskeLP torso 2014

49 years old
Worked in Hansen Technologies since 1998
AP in Computer Science
Works as a Solution Architect

Solution architect with strong influence

I have a role as Solution Architect. My main task is the conduction of Diagnostic Workshops when starting customer projects. Together with the customer we define the scope and major goals for the project, internally we estimate the time schedule and the project costs according to project scope and goals. I also support running projects as an architect, in terms of solution design and consultancy on different customer requirements. Last but not least, I am part of the naviBilling steering committee, which means that I have influence on the long term development of our product.

A perfect work-life balance

I have a strong influence on my own role, the way we work and plan the activities. This creates an almost perfect work-life balance for me. With my 18 years of general telecom experience and especially naviBilling knowledge, I am able to help and support customers, projects and colleagues to achieve their goals.

High personal influence

My influence on the way we work, is the most rewarding thing for me in my work at Hansen Technologies. It inspires and motivates me in setting new goals in order to improve our results.

Lean thinking

I believe that our decision to move in the direction of Lean thinking and especially Scrum is a key factor in our latest successes in the Operations Department to deliver within scope, time and costs.

A manager that creates "the space"

Personal influence and flexibility - my manager creates 'the space' that I personally need. As an employee in Hansen Technologies, you have a lot of personal influence and flexibility - that is great.