MHO torso 2014Morten Høgh

39 years old
Worked in Hansen Technologies since 2008
B.Sc. in Engineering
Works as a Project Manager

Each day is different! 

In Hansen Technologies I work as a Project Manager in the Operations Department. Here I manage different kinds of projects for new and existing customers. What makes my job interesting is that each day is different.

International customers and colleagues

Projects differ from customer to customer and because they are represented in many countries you have to manage different languages and cultures. Internally I face the same situation because I have colleagues coming from both Denmark, Germany and Romania. In my department we often meet the customer during a project which also has given me some great experiences.

Fun to deliver projects on time and budget

I have been a part of implementing the Scrum project methodology in the implementation projects, and this has clearly improved the way we work and how we deliver projects. As a Project Manager it's fun to deliver projects on time and budget. The Scrum project methodology also means that we communicate more with our customers which is a great benefit for us. Knowing more about the customer equals better solutions from the start.

You want to give something back!

Some of the things that surprised me most, when I started working at Hansen Technologies was the spirit in the Company and the way the company treats it's employees. I haven't seen this anywhere else. Though you tend to adapt to the level, it makes you want to give something back.

Employee benefits and collegial unity

It's great being a part of a company in growth. We never run out of work and we have a good collegial unity. The employee benefits are also worth mentioning. At Hansen Technologies we have our own kitchen where breakfast and lunch are served every day. We have the possibility to attend a fitness club and the employee association presents a lot of events during the year.