Project Implementation

We are responsible for the complete management of a naviBilling implementation project. A dedicated and professional project implementation team carries out all implementation and upgrade projects. We have with great success rolled out Agile Software Development methods as our project management method.

Our project implementation method is based on the following model:

naviBilling Project implementation process

Starting out with a workshop where the purpose is to identify business needs and goals. During the workshop we take off-set in your business-case, prioritize the business-processes identified as vital or as future desired functionality. We then conduct a fit/gap analysis and provide an estimatation of how to solve your business needs with the naviBilling solution. The purpose of the workshop is to identify and agree upon a common project scope.

In the project execution phase our Agile Development Methods are applied. This gives you as a customer the benefit of working agile in terms of flexibility regarding planning and requirements. It also provides you with the security of completion to defined milestones within the implementation of your billing solution. This approach allows fast implementation of the standard naviBilling solution, and at the same time  flexible enough to adapt your specific business requirements.

We deliver implementation increments within defined periods of typically three weeks (sprints). Following the sprint planning meeting, which is the first activity of each sprint, the project team makes a collective commitment to deliver the functionality planned. To allow team members to focus on this commitment, allocation to a project is always 100%. Each sprint ends with a review meeting where the team demonstrates the functionality delivered to the customer representatives and collects feed-back immediately. This gives a clear visibility of progress, providing an instant correction loop and facilitates the change management process and training, provides understanding to the customer test teams on the functionality to be tested and verified (user and potential regression testing).

For the customer, the advantage is getting a successful implementation and an improved planning phase, while maintaining agility and defined execution phase. You will also experience a greater flexibility during the project phases on the possible customizations tailored to your business requirements beeing involved continuously.