naviBilling Tariffs

Flexible Tariffs - for all your billing needs

naviBilling Tariffs gives you the features and flexibility to create the exact tariff structures that your small to medium-sized service provider business requires. The naviBilling Tariffs suite of modules supports all your tariff structure needs regardless of your type of business and service portfolio.

naviBilling Tariffs features

  • Tariff Management for creation and assignment of tariff models to customers and products
  • With Tariff Management you can create own tariff structures for area codes, service numbers, peak & off-peak times, shared revenues, toll-free calls, and much more
  • Group Tariffs for creating nearly any kinds of special tariff models for corporate clients
  • Support of Centrex-based services with Group Tariffs

naviBilling Tariffs works seamlessly with the full package of naviBilling modules and product lines - including Mobile, Wireline, TV, Interconnection, IP/Broadband, and Wholesale - to create a single, complete CRM, customer care and billing solution.