Update Service

The naviBilling update service gives access to all new versions, releases, service packs and patches, hot fixes etc. for naviBilling, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 3rd party modules.

naviBilling has been developed over a eigthteen-year period. Throughout this period of time, we have developed products according to well-accepted practices of software design, development, testing and delivery. We have a rigorous internal system of development approval, design, execution, test and delivery that has been in place for a number of years. 

We review the development plans on a monthly basis. Meeting at least 12 times a year, an Executive Steering Committee receives input from sales, marketing, market focus teams, and customer projects for new and/or enhanced functionality to enter the system. The Project and Customer Teams provide significant
input for new functionality in the Product Scheduling process for major releases and the up-coming product plan.  All functionality requests are sent through an approval process specifying the design for the feature
or function in question (core product features/functionality). Once approved the specifications are sent to Product Development for coding. A naviBilling roadmap is always available for our customers.